Free To Be Me

Empowerment Coach

The most powerful aspect of life and living is YOU!

You are the creator of your reality that’s how powerful you are.

You hold the key to living the life you want, “Freetobeme”.

Let FTBM guide you to the best version of self.




The power to speak, think, act as ones true self!


Free to be me is a one on one program designed around you and your needs. FTBM coach will help guide and build the confidence one needs in understanding life and self, giving you the tools required to reach your goals and desires.
We live in a world where humanity has lost its connection to one’s self through technology, busy lifestyles, over thinking and the material world. 
That’s where FREETOBEME steps in to get you motivated,  outdoors and active, to focus on reconnecting to self with,
Health and fitness, weight loss, performance, motivation, life coach, Spiritual awakening.
FTBM offers a wide range of options to get you off the couch or out of a stuffy office, walk and talk, cuppa and chat, nature hikes, road trips, day trips, bike rides, we come to you. What ever motivates you we are happy oblige.

My story!

Entrepreneur, managed construction companies, coached football clubs, raising two beautiful daughters, served three younger sisters, love guiding the next generation.
Seen all the highs and lows life can throw at you, then went deeper into myself on a 7 year spiritual journey trying understand and better myself now with that strong connection and understanding now it’s time to bring FREETOBEME to the world. Helping humanity get back to our true nature.

Become Your True Self!

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